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June 30, 2013
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Then and Now: Persephore by MySweetQueen-Dolls Then and Now: Persephore by MySweetQueen-Dolls

:star::star::star: Avaliable to buy here: [link]
Please add me on etsy to know when I put more dolls for sale :) [link]

:star: Commissions open More info here: [link] :star:

If you like Monster High Dolls come join :icondamonsterhighdolls:

CONTEST!!! All the information about it here: Contest! Draw Sophie and get a MH Drawing!What is this contest about?:
Draw my doll Sophie

you can draw her chibi, realistic or in your own style, but her face must be always visible and you must draw her joints. She is a doll, I wouldn't like her to look like she wasn't. This means you MUST draw her joints, but you can draw her with any expression, like if she was alive.
You can draw her with the clothes she has in the photos or even design your own clothes for her, so you have total freedom about it.

how many drawings can I do for this contest?:

As many as you want without limit, as long as they are 100% original and finished (full colored). No work in progress, no drawings in striped paper.
Traditional or digital?:
Both are accepted
Please, be original:
Don't steal other people's drawings, don't use bases, and please, don't just copy a photo T_T
You may use a photo as a reference, but don't traze it.
If you do, you will be kicked out from the co
You could win a Monster High doll drawing!

:star: Repainting a doll is a hard work, and I don't usually keep most of the original character's features because I'm not painting a new version of those characters, I'm changing the doll's face and personality completely to make them unique and different. I mean, to me it would be a waste of time and effort to work hard in a repaint if I'm going to do exactly the same painting the doll already had, at least when it's about a personal repainting and not a commission. :) :star:

feel free to critique to help me get better, but please be respectful with my work! I put a lot of time and effort on this :)

:star: my Etsy Shop: [link]
:star: my Tumblr: [link]
:star: my Flickr: [link]
:star: my Blog: [link]
:star: my We:heart:It: [link]
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Windy-Miu Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
At first I didn't notice that they had both been done by you. I've seen so many of your before/after photo's... I couldn't figure out why both of them looked like you had done them! I was trying to figure out which was the before picture, and which was the after, when I saw the little headers XD

(They're both very pretty)
EmiMori Jun 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The only thing that bothers me between the two is the shape of the color part of the eye. In the first one it's round a more realistic and you see more white of the eyes. In the second the shape is almost oblong and take up a lot of the eye. I personally prefer the more realistic circular shape. Your blush and lips are way better though.
I'll keep it in mind to improve :)
u-m-u Jun 30, 2013  Professional Artist
Getting better :p I agree with breyersnstuff
Clover103 Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
love them both~!!
breyersnstuff Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think you should consider adding a thin gloss to her eyes. Her eyes just seem dull to me because they are soft.
some people suggested me to do that, but I don't really like the gloss effect on monster high eyes to be honest :)
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