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May 28, 2013


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Factory dolls are NOT whores

Journal Entry: Tue May 28, 2013, 3:21 PM

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Hi guys!
first, I really appreciate your comments about my repaintings, you told me a lot you like how I give her a sweeter touch, but also I've read too many comments saying their factory makeup and clothes make them look like bitches, sluts, whores etc (and not only monster high, also bratz and barbie dolls). and I have to say I completely disagree.

Companies make llamative dolls with a lot of colors because they want to sell, and it's easier to sell a glamurous doll than a natural doll that looks like any girl you can find walking in the street. They know how to make buisness, and they do it perfectly.
Now, the image they give:
a lot of people say that kind of dolls aren't appropiated for little girls. I don't know what they mean exactly with little girls, but as I know the monster high dolls have like 1600 years (except Frankie, who is 16 years old, but I don't know if there's more exceptions), what translated into human years is 16 years. A 16 years old girl isn't very "little" to me, it's actually a teenager, a person who is developing her sexuality, menstruates and already have breasts. With this I mean they seems to be made for teenage girls and not little girls, and I'm used to see how teenagers wear makeup and sexy clothes, with or without dolls at home. So I don't really think they are a bad influence for girls, I don't think dolls have a message saying "dress like me and be a bitch", it's more like companies dress and makeup their dolls like actual teenagers to be sure they will sell them.
Also, as I've said to people before, makeup and clothes doesn't make a girl being a bitch, it's her attitude.

A doll is something beautiful, and if there wasn't monster high dolls I couldn't repaint them.

Monster high dolls are really original and the best plastic dolls I've ever seen:
Their face: they have the most beautiful factions you can find on a plastic dolls (little and cute nose, big cute eyes, big but not exagerated lips, and a lot of different skin and hair tones)
They are jointed: this is probably what impressed me the most at first when I saw them. I love to have dolls like photography models and that was the main reason why I started buying BJDs, but as probably you know they are too expensive to buy lots of them fast. But monster high dolls are beautiful and you can make them pose as you want, so they are an amazing a a lot cheaper alternative to BJDs.
Monster themed: this was incredibly original! everybody was used to fashion dolls, popular dolls made for "corny girls", but monsters?? that was fucking awesome!!! honesty I though they were going to fail completely in Spain, because people here is still too closed minded, and monster dolls looks like something for geek and marginated girls, because they are original and different (don't get me wrong, I'm saying this with all my pride because I'm a geek and marginated girl, and I LOVE IT), but they ended being a total success and I'm really happy about it, because I can easily buy MH dolls in a lot of shops from my city :heart:

Monster high dolls are amazing, and I wish they have existed when I was little because I hated dolls, and I'm sure they would have changed my mind and make me feel proud for being different, instead of ashamed.

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BubblyTeddy Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
? Who in their right mind calls dolls whores? I liked before how barbies had different hair and the heritage barbies. But mh dolls have different monsters and personalities. (Werewolf, ghoul vampire etc.)
piojote Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
Correcion "y es que los criterios de diseño de muñecas has sido algo extremistas"

me equivoque, quise decir "han sido exxtremistas"
piojote Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hay una realidad en todo esto. y es que los criterios de diseño de muñecas has sido algo extremistas y a su vez la critica contra estos juguetes se ha disparado de forma muy agresiva en los ultimos años.

Veamos la primera barbie creada, distaba bastante de ser un juguete para una niña pequeña. más bien podía ir dirigida a una adolescente o en pubertad. sin embargo nadie se dignó a poner clasificaciones en estos juguetes. ¿Que muñeca podía irle bien a una niña de tres a ocho años? la clásica muñeca de trapo.

Yo no me atrevería a criticar sobre si tiene maquillaje o no. y por mi experiencia de muchos años visitando jugueterías mientras adquiero mis piezas de G.I.JOE o trenes eléctricos coincido en una acusasion generalizada. Y es que hay una doble moral muy marcada de parte de las grandes compañías en la cual hay la sexualidad muy temprana dirigida. Vivimos en tiempos donde el acoso a los menores de edad esta al alza pero se reduce la edad cada vez más para generar ciertas atracciones que no deben pasar de la linea de la mayoría de edad. Muchos dirían que libros como "Lolita" o cintas como "pretty baby" son responsables, pero no. al menos estas historias tenían un trasfondo y un porque de la situación. La industria de la moda es el instigador numero uno en fomentar esa degeneracion de acelerar el uso de ropa y maquillaje en menores de edad, los juguetes no lo son, porque son juguetes y solo siguen la linea de "grandes genios"(sarcasmo) influenciados por el hipocrita y traicionero glamour de la moda.

Comparemos Barbie, ella ya era un estereotipo en toda regla desde su concepción. rubia delgada y exitosa en todos los aspectos(Bueno eso antes de que llegase Chuck Norris) Sin embargo lo que le aplaudo de forma sincera a la figura Barbie fue que se hizo acompañar de una hermana menor y luego otras dos más pequeñas, perfectas para identificarse con las niñas de tales edades.
Ahora vamos a la tragedía materialista que significó Myscene. yo odié realmente esta franquicia de figuras y defendí a barbie en su tiempo. la rubia hacía de todo, desde azafata hasta maestra de kinder mientras my scene solamente eran parasitos sociales.
DE Monster high el asunto es muy diferente porque estan usando fantasía para crear un absurdo, eso entonces permite hacer atractiva la idea de las escuela para mounstros. Y el problema no es el maquillaje en las muñecas, sino que el control de edad no esta bien demarcado. Por dios Santo, si en ferromodelismo y modelismo estatico existen estas recomendaciones de edad yo creo que no les cuesta nada a Hasbro hacerlo. Es lo que pienso.
TheRainbowlum Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i agree. one of the things i like most about the MH dolls is that all heir faces are different, instead of the same head mold over and over again!!! =D
Tears-In-A-Vial Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AYE! I completely agree. I remember when I was younger that the Barbies had bigger boobs and stuff... I didn't really get into them until my pre-teens.
I don't understand why younger generations are calling fashion dolls bitches and sluts... something usually makes them that way.. and its DEFINITELY not their appearance. I would call dolls more of a stereotype to girls though. Monster High Dolls are totally different than anything else. I didn't know they were jointed!! I totally want one now.. :D

I love the work you do.. and you sure get some tough criticism. I want to start off repainting my Bratz doll. I bought her a couple years ago because that was the first doll I've seen with fishnet tights, and I was like HELL YEAH thats awesome. xD I don't like their factory makeup because honestly, I don't find it slutty, I just think its plain ugly... lol. I think they could do a better job with it.

Keep up the fantastic work, hun! I can't wait to see what you have in store. :)

StormKun Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Its awesome that they are very original >w< ....
But the thing that bugs me are the Bratz dolls... Bratz monsters.. looks to be trying to copy the MH dolls .w.
Dengakurin Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student General Artist
A decir verdad, Frankie en teoría tenía 16 días xDDD No se como se lo montan realmente para la edad de Frankie, desde el primer episodio hasta el de su 16avo cumple...días? me da que han pasado más de 16 días, pero bueno... xD Eh mu raro xD
BrooBroo Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student General Artist
who was the ass who said they were dressed like whores? COME ON PEOPLE! THATS JUST LOW! calling a DOLL a whore?!!-.-

dolls are beautiful. face the reality and stop the hate.
awesomenessbringdr Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
I remember when my parents pushed the "this doll is not modest" thing when I was little.
And all I could think of was, "they're just dolls, even if they are 'inappropriate.'
And MH is awesome and fun c:
Killjoy-Detective Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist
So true! Like I really hate how people are saying stuff like that :(. These dolls don't really have a message but if they did it would be the same as the webisodes: don't be afraid to be yourself! :3
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